Trying Twine

I tried Twine again today. Actually, I’ve joined there earlier because I saw the option available in FriendFeed. Seems true, online service aggregators motivate to try many online services :D

When I first joined, I don’t really understand how it works, and after trying for a while, I still doesn’t really understand how it works.

It seems like the users can create Twine, which is a channel on certain interest. Through bookmarklet, the Twine users can add a contents to the Twine, like online bookmarking tools (, Digg, etc.).

For the consumers, by subscribing to these channels, we can get information gathered and selected by fellow users from across the internet, much like RSS feed but whose content are picked by other users from multiple source.

But as most services without enough momentum yet, I find most Twines that I had interest on is… not going anywhere. As if the person create the Twine just to try the service, but then decided that they don’t like it and just abandon it.

I do had a topic that I had motivation to continue looking and archive my bookmarks there, so I guess I’ll be able to try keeping that Twine alive for some time. Good luck to myself.


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