Shorter attention span

Consumer’s attention span seems to get shorter don’t they? Well, these days, competition are high so peoples prefer to have their life practical because work and competition is hectic enough for one lifetime to bother. Life is in the fast lane, so is the rhythm of life, so everything has to come fast so it can be consumed in the short time available before continue to compete against others. The faster rhythm then means that we want something fast, that includes time between rumour and product.

Anyway, actually I’m thinking of animation and comic. When I first entered the hobby at late 90s, internet is still not so widespread. That time, communities are close and like an exclusive gathering. During those time, there are many classic titles that carve their mark in memories. Even if those titles no longer become favourite, they have their followers and remembered as part of history.

Then, these days, high speed internet are more common and become communication as well as (illegal) distribution channel. There are dozens of products appearing each seasons; that’s not including from the many publications. With so much products, attention span shortens a lot to what’s now. The fans are also split among products, leaving less momentum to each than in the past.

Rather than the offset created by the creation of larger fan base as well as easier access to illegally-free material, actually the mindset is carved. There seems to be higher percentage of fad fans than loyalist fans. Other thing is the greater number of products, that in the relatively same (actually lowering) buying capacity of consumers, getting more difficult to sell. Come on, how do you expect to sell twice as much products with price already rising quadruple of what it was to peoples whose ability to buy is lowered by the rising price. If the consumer get more selective in buying, then there ought to be products that doesn’t sell as expected right ? Logically speaking.

I might slack off most of the time and missed the bigger view, but the formula is not good in my opinion.


3 thoughts on “Shorter attention span

  1. Great blog. Interesting point about the fad fans and loyalist fans. I think the speed is stopping people being loyal, and not giving them enough time to settle into a product before the new one arrives.

  2. I think it’s like information too. These days, there’s so much information, and many peoples tried to consume all of it; even if they doesn’t use it, at least to fill their personal knowledge base.There’s also more activities nowadays than it used to be.Rhythm of life in general has become faster, and peoples have to be even faster to survive.For the products, I’m more familiar with the Japanese comics than western. Seems like the large difference is (other than drawing style), they don’t have as many large unified universe franchise as some US titles too that can build long-living group of loyal fans.Instead, their approach is more like… stories not bound to a concept and each author write their own stories, thus giving a wider product range to choose from (and large variation of quality).

  3. I agree on the information. It seems we have to be experts at everything we do these days!I’m a great fan of a show in the UK called Red Dwarf. It started slowly and was a small piece of work back in the 70’s on Radio to where it is today on TV. Not sure about American comics. I’ve only read the Beano as a kid and that’s over 90 years old ;-) Though I did like the Marvel comics when i was young, they were expensive!!!


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