First impression is better

Because the lacking of titles to work on, we’re given title from the neighbouring label. Well, the label is made for adult oriented stories (not porn) but seeing the portfolio of available titles yesterday made me rather… in doubt about the choice. Personally, I think I’m interested more with the selection of the sister publishing, seems to present more of the genre I’d be interested in.

One of the titles I got is “Bambino!”, a comic about a young man who wants to be a great Italian chef. Well, I’m interested in the cooking part, but after skimming through the story, I think the (over)-dramatization of many scenes, especially the main character’s emotion, tiredness and expression is too much for my taste of this genre.

Actually, despite that the comics I read often even have high amount of absurdity, I don’t really like the more realistic comics that I felt to over-express the emotion of characters. It felt just… unnatural to look at, just like the expressions in soap operas.


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