Comparing imprint

When browsing to HP’s Japanese site today, I found the page about Imprint finish. Seems like Japanese market has different marketing name for the imprint designs, they call it “Zen Design”. Personally, I also like the name and design inspiration there better.

En Jp
Verve Samon (sand pattern like zen meditation garden)
Echo Hibiki (echo)
Espresso Kirameki (sparkles)
Intensity Shibuki (splash of wave)
Intersect Argyle
Mesh Grid
Moonlight Asagiri (morning mist)
Radiant Shizuku (water drop)
Reaction Utakata (bubble on liquid surface)
Renewal Shinryoku (fresh verdure)
Thrive Mebae (sprouts)

Also if I’m not mistaken, Dragon (HDX) is called Ibuki (breath)

Some of the designs are similar, but other had seemingly totally different direction of design inspiration, which brings up question about which one the designer actually have as inspiration here.

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