Having enough

Went to the computer store again today to check up. Mostly it’s not to see if the repair has been finished or not, but I just want to tell them that I decided to look for the replacement somewhere else. So that be it, I guess I’ll borrow the rest of the money somewhere first and return it after the repair is finished and I sell my old notebook. The model is Pavilion Tx1221au, bought it less than two years ago but it seems that the local service centre runs out of spare part to replace the damaged component (assumed to be the motherboard).

Had to check somewhere else. I prefer looking for independent importers because the price can be almost USD200 cheaper than the official, not to mention last time I bought it, they include the 6-cells battery (cost almost USD 100 here) which official distributors stripped away.

There’s a store stocking Pavilion dv2. It’s thin, and cute. The three points that become minus point for me is the single core processor, the ugly keyboard, and the mirror-like touch pad. The configuration sold in Indonesia would have these difference.

  • 2 GB RAM.
  • 32 bit Windows Vista.

It cost USD 799 with little asterisk mark (strings attached). Same model, with 4 GB RAM and 64 bit Windows Vista would cost USD 749 in HP (US) online store before rebate. The model I want (Tx2) would cost approx USD 1300 through official channel, while in HP online store, similar configuration would cost about USD 1100, not including the USD 200 rebate. Other brand might even had larger gap.

After browsing the stores, went to the Kinokuniya book store. According to the local store’s Twitter account, they’re having 15% discount in one of the stores. Went to both stores, but there’s no interesting books. Luckily yesterday someone from the office has gone there, so I’m relieved from having to check the books. Despite the discount, there’s not many peoples there. I assume it’s because of two deciding factor:

  • Import books, cost hefty price even after 15% discount.
  • The branch store that had the discount doesn’t really have that much collection to start with.
  • Extra: another book store, local book store, is having 30% discount upstair.

There are some books I’m interested in, but the price tag is high for my income. I guess, I’ll spend time some day near my alma mater university to look for it in the local book kiosks.

By the way, when having lunch (should’ve ordered Caesar salad instead, the Fusilli had chilli in the mix), can’t find my favourite bottled drink. Settled down with second favourite (Chrysanthemum tea).

Update: [2009-05-31 06:05] – rewrite.


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