Spin back… 5 years

Found some old Sony product websites today, using Bing. Well, I guess it wouldn’t really matter which search engine used in this query though.

The first item is Sony VAIO U VGN-U8G. It’s an old model from back in 2004 when XP SP2 is still new (correct me if I’m wrong). One of the smallest netbook, back when they still call it UMPC. Extensive connectivity for that time, plus port replicator and foldable keyboard and connectable to external monitor, for that small size. But actually the reason why it has a place in my memory is simpler. The fin stylus design, loved it so much. First time I saw it, I want to try making it to an earring. But the whole unit is too expensive. (^^;)

Second item is Sony Clie. It’s a shame they back off from the PDA market back then. In my opinion, their design is far better than the PDAs nowadays, yes, even the iPhone for that matter. But then, I love clamshell design (which almost disappear as the touchscreen madness change everything to slate) and can tolerate chunkier designs such as the Clie N series, which is rather thin. Looks far more inspiring than newer models.
My first encounter with the twist screen transformable clamshell-slate (like most tablet PCs nowadays) is the Fujitsu 900-series phone from DoCoMo though.


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