Movie screening and coconut sweet tea

P1000136 (1024x768) Went to Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children screening in Hot Game magazine today. Rather late, but well… I’m not coming for the movie anyway. Tried to arrive before lunch, had promised I’ll bring snack too, and Cup Noodle. Instant noodle for date and lunch might not sounds so romantic, but it sounds fun and atypical, so worth to try.

Although, they already had boxed lunch prepared. But those snacks could be her emergency ration in office for next week, so it’ll not be wasted.

P1000141 (2) (768x1024) By the way, from the window, there’s a tall radio tower. Took the picture from there and the sky really looks good that time. Made this one into black and white because the original had strong blue tint. I took it in a hurry so I forgot setting the manual white balance.

After that, spent some time outside trying to type something, a story. Been absent from doing it since my notebook goes to the service and not coming back yet. Tried a new shop just opened near home, besides, they’re having opening promo until June 30th, 50% discount for drinks and 25% discount for foods. Sounds good for me. Want to go there again next week, at least until the promo is over. Seems like it’s a branch from cafe in hotel, because they still use the paper napkin supply from the hotel.

But perhaps I’m over exerting myself. When starting to type, I’m too sleepy to concentrate, let alone thinking of plot and jokes. Only made less than half a page. Need more rest today, had jobs tomorrow.

P1000143 (1024x768)


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