This and that, rather hyper

Can’t believe it, I managed to finish the editing of that one book in a day! Well, the result would be hectic though, I guess I’m still immature in that part, but when doing it, it kind of just flowing along and I’m putting more weight in accuracy of translation than the grammar and conventions. Had to fix it too.

Didn’t take any picture today again, nothing interesting when I stopped. *sigh*
The parts I want to take pictures of, I hesitated again. (バカバカバカ)

Talking about jobs, from the monitoring meeting today, again, under delivered and the marketing folks are not pleased. Well, I drank three cups of instant coffee (plus lot of creamer) from the publishing division’s meeting room though, while the production guy (representing the mature comics division) is not so enthusiastic due to the snack that’s under expectation today. But that’s nothing to do with business (and more about the jokes between us the regular participants).

But, is it strange that I drank the most cup of coffee ? Well, I usually waited until the coffee become cool enough (warm) and drank it like syrup or soda.
…so, I did it the wrong way ? I don’t understand why peoples drink their cup slowly sip by sip (other than it’s boiling hot).

Since I could get the titles we published freely (or even read the original copy in the library), my attention usually go to the other publisher (same group, different company, just like Shogakukan and Shueisha, not really) which I buy from book store (too lazy to climb up stair and shamelessly borrow a copy to read). ARIA 11 is going on sale next week, that’s quick. Shiawase Kissa 3-choume too.

Then, on last week of June, some new titles, including one that made me laughed silently. If I remember correctly, the author is 川添真理子. The title is translated, but I’m guessing it’s the 仙術師 series. If I remember correctly, I’ve read some chapters when I subscribed to Wings magazine and it’s hillarious, if the reader could tolerate the homosexual jokes every here and there.

Talking about that… this morning, I think an editor brought anime movie to office. Umm… the title is Eden or something. Got a short peek, homosexual themed anime, with bed scene too.

The computer sales event will starts tomorrow. I had another meeting tomorrow (since most likely the chief editor will delegate the job) so I won’t be able to go on lunch time. But Thursday, will go there and look around, checking prices and layout. A friend also asked to buy external hard drive. Not sure.


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