Bags, bags, bags

Summarizing activities from… last Wednesday ? Too long, make it last Friday.

Ok, Thursday. A colleague finally bought  the netbook he wanted. It’s an Asus EEE PC, with Swarovski crystal attached. Where? In the little end of the hinge. Yes, so not obvious and the piano black finish looks better than the crystal itself. Actually he wanted the brown coloured, but they run out of stock in the computer show, so he got the black one with same price plus discount. Well, he seems satisfied with the purchase, but probably wont bring it to the office everyday like another colleague (probably the only person in the room who could speak Korean) who brings it for work, probably because of the underspecced work PC he had.

My boss… she’s more interested in the leather case than the computer itself. She had a Lenovo S10 already and loving it. What she need is just a sleeve case so she can use her bag instead of a netbook bag.

I went to the show again in the afternoon (Friday), looking for the sleeve case. Well, before that, we went around, window shopping and training our heart against whispers of the devil saying “buy~ buy~ buy~ buy us~”. No, not with my boss, with someone else. I also look for a bag for myself, which sadly, they run out of stock at the moment.

After work, I went there again to check, plus my brother is also there with his friends. The plan is to go home together. My brother also seems to want an upgrade for his Toshiba A15 notebook (IINM). But since his unit is still not even a year old, it’s rather difficult. I also told him, Windows 7 will be released later this year anyway, so better wait. No, I doubted the possibility that our local distributors would give free Windows 7 upgrades as much as an atheist would doubt the existence of god.
He also had his reason. If he waited next year, the price should go down, and most notebook would be equipped with BluRay drive. He likes watching movies. His target… HP HDX series.

Finally today, I went to the local IT mall looking for the bag, with a cousin who came to visit. Most of the shops also run out of stock, but I found one, finally. This model. It’s a local brand, without lifetime warrantee like my Targus bag. But it’s more spacious, compact and a lot cheaper. My mother, in the other hand, had that distasteful look, because I bought another bag. Well, I planned on selling my old bag. Hope it sells with a good enough price.

Now, in the mall near my home. There’s a show by the Indonesian Lego lover community. My favourite, xenomorph alien using Lego. Too bad, most the main exhibited models are made from packages (e.g: Star Wars package) instead of building it from the classic bricks.

BTW, anyone else making photo of their gadget bag ?
How about making contest, like… Microsoft Store in a bag, with notebook, Xbox, Zune, Windows Mobile phone, Microsoft shirt and stainless steel mug (do they have that in the employee store?), mouse, keyboard and several install DVDs. Garnished with Bing and other promotional stickers and small accessories from events. (^_^;;)


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