Gelar Jepang UI 2009

Today, I went to the Japanese event held by the Centre for Japanese Studies of Indonesian University. Should be going yesterday, but due to circumstances, we went there today.
From the moment I hop into the car, been taking my role in the comedic combi with my friend. Too bad I can’t remember most of them as usual.

The event is also as usual. It’s been years since last time I visited event held by the Jakarta Japan Foundation. Well… maybe not that long because I remember our second, that day, so… about three years ago. Such culture festival in Jakarta has not been held ever since the changeover in Indonesian social culture climates. Last year’s event, I remember is invite only too, so I wasted my time to go to the event ground. This year I should arrange some time to go to JF to ask for information.

The thing is, these events, although enjoyable too, is too modern. Rock band (who I could barely hear the vocal drowned in over loud drum noise) and costume players everywhere. Too crowded, so moving around is difficult. But the most torturing part must be the amazingly clear weather when I queued for lunch.

Ah, my brother is how, had to finish here. My father seems to be in bad mood too and want to push the accounting jobs to me again, so I might not have the time tomorrow.


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