Door for the crisply dead

P1000272 (1024x768) 

That is the door to emergency stair in my office building, which is also used as alternative exit by employee working in second floor because it’s a lot faster than waiting for the elevator. Every sometime, there’s problem like this. Even if you push the handle, the door wont budge. The door knob is broken. But CMIIW, shouldn’t the door can be opened easily from either side ? Especially from inside the building.

Well, the answer came later, from picture placed on the door. Who’s this emergency stair’s intended users ?

P1000273 (1024x768)

Oh right, headless peoples, a.k.a ghosts of those grilled to death. They can go through the emergency stair.

Ok, joking. The second picture is from another building, older building that ironically, the emergency stair’s door works.


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