Week (end) in review ?

I admit that lately I wrote more on my other place more than in Live Space. But although they use proprietary tags instead of standard HTML tags, I found it more fun. The JavaScript interface, the interface in general, far faster loading time and load, and the per day entry grouping that looks more intended for diary site than article publishing site.

Yesterday is a fun weekend day, most things runs as planned. In the morning I first go to my office to print some documents. In the weekend, the pre-printing division has less workers, thus I’m posing less disturbance if I went there and borrow a computer to edit the proofs myself. But while I’m doing it, apparently I took too much time so the later parts is rather rushed and I don’t have enough time to check the last batch of pages.

On weekend, only shifts workers (and their managers) are in, so most doors in the building are locked. Had to turn around empty halls and dimly lit service elevator that sounds loud. The quiet emergency staircase and metal stairs & platform above the product packing & shipping area too. I think I understand the feeling of peoples making Counter Strike maps using their school, when empty, it worth a survival horror genre setup.

Ah, we both went to Pondok Indah afterward. We’re meeting a friend who’s waiting for an article contributor in the magazine they worked in. She’s going to be late because of the (seems to be) postponed announcement of their national exam result. While waiting, I went to line up for Star Trek’s ticket and got one of the best position. Near the back, near the alley, and close enough to dash for the toilet in case of emergency. The ticket price is more expensive there, but we didn’t regret watching the movie a single bit. Seeing and listening familiar names really bring back the sensation like meeting again with old friends.

The contributor arrived sometime before the movie finished. We gathered in the food court and have some fun, although I can’t remember what I had for lunch or dinner that day. Or probably I forgot having lunch and dinner.

Gi-chan meet with her niece, dearly beloved niece, and they had fun playing together. We also went to their house for a while. She had fun, but seems like the children are not so enthusiast with me. Probably because I didn’t seem expressive nor showing enthusiasm too, acting passive and inviting only because I don’t want to force an interaction from them. Well, they’re attracted to the active and expressive, sound and movements. But, she naturally had that charm for attracting peoples. (^-^)

In the night, we’re treated for supper by her cousin in a cafe near their house. As cafe in the area, I don’t understand deliciousness too much, but I could grasp that they’re also selling the atmosphere and mood for the place. It has several separated dining rooms and a comfy looking inner garden (urban outdoor dining is too hot for me though).

But the best is of course, the time being together outside far longer than usually, unbound by the curfew.

Ah, today is the being tired day. But I still had my time to go out and find a place to start typing again, including my experimental diary, but that’s personal. Too bad the place still doesn’t serve their snack platters yet. Maybe they’re waiting for until the opening discount ends?

Checked the basic Lego block prices too. The price sure inflate since the last time I had them (god knows when).


One thought on “Week (end) in review ?

  1. I love reading your blog Seika as I have said many times before. You are so desciptive especially considering english is your second language! I could almost be there with you.


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