Festival, festival, to come

The city of Jakarta is having it’s 482nd birthday this year, so actually for this month there’s various events. One of the event I’m waiting for is the art festival in the old town area, which unfortunately is held last week. I heard the information from their Twitter account, but on the day, when it’s already too late. So, skip that one, besides this is not the first time I missed a festival in the old town area.

There’s another carnival this weekend though. On the last Sunday of the month, they closed the Sudirman street, a move praised by some because it frees the street from vehicle emission, but also smitten by many because of the inadequate alternative routes as well as the low interest from peoples to use public transportations. Sunday is rather difficult for me because I still had job on Monday, but lets try. At least, I can also take a rest and visit the building I used to work in too.

PS: on unrelated topic… I still can’t really understand the Japanese web design. It might have more texts and more oldies looking compared to American sites, but there’s like an identity in it. For example, Live Messenger’s Japan site and UK site.


2 thoughts on “Festival, festival, to come

  1. already go there? I will go there after my internship end ( ̄▽ ̄)any interesting information I can get?

  2. The festival last Sunday ? No, I missed that one.I’ll try to visit the one on next Sunday (2009-06-28). You’re going too ?Oh, and probably the event on July 5th in Kinokuniya.


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