Mind your own business

Today, I checked my Hatena Antenna page for updates. There’s a shocking update on one site, an adult game site I often visit (don’t play, too expensive and not enough time). As far as I know, this studio is quite clean. Although incorporating sexual relationship in the game, the plot itself (as far as I know) are romance, drama and miraculous. But then…

This website cannot be browsed excluding Japan.
Some foreigners seem to be having an antipathy against EROGE.
Therefore, We prohibited the access from foreign countries, to defend our culture.
Sorry for you of the fan that lives in a foreign country.
minori Inc.

For those wanting to read it on-site: http://www.minori.ph/

What they call eroge, or erotic game, is an industry. Maybe not as huge in sales as the major studios like Square, Capcom, Konami, etc, but there’s dozens of studios big and small working on these visual novel games. The genre of course, range from romance with minimum sex events (some can even cleanly excluded), to those catered for “special interest groups” (think, fetish porn). Well, in Japan, they flourished, some live and die, some thrives, just like any other businesses.

So… some time ago, there is a case, around the end of May. Equality Now, a women’s right organization, campaigned in protest of a game that featured rape theme as… well, as women’s right group, I think it’s save to assume it as “degrading of women” ? The outrage seems to successfully gained support to put pressure on governments, who want to ban such games.

Let aside the fact about rape and underage first… think of it with neutrality. This is, a game. And unlike porn, it doesn’t even need real life actors other than for the voice acting.

In media, two of the most sensitive matters in general are sex and violence, that’s ought to irk peoples, followed by racism. Being in media, and in a uptight country (for general public, hypocrites country), that two issues are also shunned. Sex in particular, is more sensitive thus censorship is tighter for picture of naked women than someone getting their head decapitated brutally in psycho killer “art”.

But come on… if we can accept seeing peoples getting shot dead in game… that’s violence.

So… there goes. Westerner, you who can’t understand, please stay out, nobody’s forcing you to come in. Hope this is the last one to take such moves. Kind of reminds me to Windows E.


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