Forgotten with broadband

Recently, I installed Download Accelerator again to my computer. The need is simple, the need to do batch download a picture gallery that would take long time to click one by one from browser (better go to sleep).

But these days, file download are usually protected behind anti-leech scripts, or file sharing sites. Broadband connection also made download faster, so no need to resume download. Bit Torrent download is… well, that.

Being so used to sites using file sharing sites to host their scan releases, I almost forget until yesterday, when a group released scan for the comic I’ve been looking for a while. I recently got informed that a friend had got the hardcopy version, so when I don’t really need the scan anymore, it pops out of nowhere.

But this time, the connection got reset and cut off midway, to my annoyance. That’s when I remembered… download manager! This site is unusual that it doesn’t use Megaupload, Rapidshare, or the such (particularly hate, it kept disconnecting after several hundred kb for me).


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