Better get used to it

A man and his friend came in for lunch in the new and cheap restaurant.

Customer: any recommendation?
Waiter: yes sir, this menu *points to a dish in the menu book*
Customer: great! I’ll have that.
[Dish in]
Customer: taste awesome.
Friend: the one next door tasted better.
Waiter: but they’re more expensive.
Customer: yeah, damn capitalist. I still have to pay for the electric bill you know?

[Next day]
Waiter: today, we’ve improve our menu. We added salt to the fish.
Customer: wow! It tasted even better!
Friend: you could just ask them yesterday, you know?
Waiter: we don’t have salt yesterday, but we listen to our customers.
Customer: hey, it’s cheap, I can’t be too picky.
Friend: as you wish.
Customer: listen, if you’re so picky, why don’t you go to that five-star restaurant instead?
Friend: you forget? My wallet is shallower than yours.
Customer: so you understand?
Friend: I understand that I had my right to complain and demand more.
Customer: no you don’t. Now just blank your mind, and accept the new innovation as great. The sooner you get used to it, the better you’ll feel. It’s cheap after all, can’t ask for more.
Waiter: I do agree ma’am. The food is your privilege, not our obligation.

[After that]
Customer: you know… maybe I should threat my electric company. If just there’s a free electric company somewhere.
Friend: you’ll toast your mainboard and get millions of dead-tree spam.
Customer: I can live with that, besides, I had some cheap enough measures to lower the risk. Everything should be free.

Just like translator groups and I’m feeling like the colonization/independence war era Indonesian artists.


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