Small enough

What size is small enough to not shy out? I mean for notebook computer. I often bring along my 12” notebook in messenger bag to build up skeletal problem for my later age, but to take it out doesn’t prove to be as easy. 12” is already quite small, borderline to the current netbook class at 10” max. It’s still big and I could only took it out in more quiet place and of course, settled down. Doesn’t feel comfortable to be the only person who use it in the room.

I needed smaller device, that I can casually pull out everywhere, even while standing. From all the form factor available today, I guess the Vaio P is the great form factor. Seven inches screen and not much space wasted for the bezel. That size, I think I can pull it out everywhere and still won’t really attract attention. It also has the instant on feature. The problem is on the price of course.

Other than not standing out in the crowd, what do I need anyway? A wider keyboard, internet browser and office document editing. So, why don’t I just use the like of Celio Redfly? Two reasons. First, the device doesn’t seems to be available in Indonesia. Second… it lacks one very critical MS Word feature I need, styling and document structure (Heading, Body text, etc).

Browsing to other UMPC sites, Kohjinsha seems interesting. The price through parallel import is around… Rp.4.5M.
The dimension compared:

  • Vaio P : 245 × 120 × 19.8.
  • Kohjinsha SH : 227 × 170 × 33 (Δ -18 × 50 × 13)

Too bad that it doesn’t have any stripped down instant-on interface when there’s not enough time to load into Windows. By the way, my Q3 and Q4 looks bad.

PS: watched Office 2010 the movie just now. Laughed out loud when seeing the cast names announced, Clippy’s grave, and the best line in for me is this though:

Where’s the font?
Between Arial… and Wingdings.
Wingdings!? Hah!

Well, that and the Winner of Redmond Local Movie Award. or “another IT Guy”.


One thought on “Small enough

  1. Yes Seika its a very funny Movie made very tongue in cheek I think! Hope you get your ‘portability’ machine sorted.


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