Lets fap… not

Sometime, it’s hard to talk about something. One factor is disparity of information, where someone had information, and part other got no single idea what that other party is talking about. Felt it sometimes when I raised a topic or news and the others had not yet get information of it.
The case usually go around the more obscure facts, or the news hasn’t reach the usual popular English language news channels. Well, vice versa when they start talking about figures and merchandises.

Other time, they just think it’s too bothersome to talk about. Like when someone pushed an information to the discussion forum, then everyone just… too bothersome to discuss, lets just goes on fapping.
This means, lets post scan, or figure, or any collectibles, then doing fanboy cheers. Frankly, listening it is mentally taxing.

Doing news post hit-and-run in the forum is annoying enough, but changing a topic that can be used for sharing information into place to just repost pictures from various image gallery site is just so… can’t find the word to say it, maybe “regrettable” would do.

Completely into noise chamber.

Of course, there is the… saturated factor. After being too long in the community, feeling that you’ve done those and is getting too old to be all jumpy, too old to play with the echoes; not to mention someone else has already mentioned your point in better words that if you speak, it feels like beating the dead horse.


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