New toy to kill time… typing

Last Monday, I had a new toy to waste the boring time.

Not really a toy in usual sense anyway, just a text editor and a “rulebook” to play with. It’s called FOAF.

Just like my habit for trying out different sites as well as aggregator, this thing is really interesting. I could define almost all the usual identity attributes.

Let’s see… the usual name, nickname, birthday, gender, phone, e-mail.
We also had some joke-attributes such as DNA hash code.
Website for company and projects done (instantly made me think of the peoples working in internet work groups).
The online properties had usual homepage, weblog, and branches that define online accounts and chat accounts.

The part I hasn’t explore is the Knows section, defining the list of peoples I know. Too long, no thanks (^ー^;;)

Search engines, such as Google (IINM) scan the foaf.rdf file linked to index someone’s identity, I wonder about Bing.

I imagine this would be handy in the vast online profile sites. For example, we could register using OpenID and then the consumer could pull this identification definition file from the server, or even pull the update periodically to keep the information in sync between sites. After all, 15–20 online profile might not be enough to have during a frenzy.

Other than that, because the file could also list online services, aggregator should be able to use the information to fill in the list of accounts.

Next time, maybe I’ll try and check for CSS3 :D

With tabs, the file I wrote yesterday is 9,693 bytes, excluding the Knows. Had lot of personal information, but I still think more can be included.


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