Vapourware I’d like to see

Put wide LoL smilies here. Anyone might know if there’s such service somewhere in the deep… web of the world wide web?

Realization tracker for schedule. Much like the sleep tracker. The concept is, someone fill in their calendar (or import from other service) and then at the end of the day, fill in the realization.


  • Plan: meet with friend on 12:00.
  • Realization: meet with friend on 13:00.
  • Excuse: fell asleep and nobody’s waking.

Private publishing tracker. For writer to publish ongoing work. The features includes:

  • Commenting system, with option for message from author (for example: the author want to limit current session for critic on specific language use).
  • Online editing tool as well as upload option supporting popular file formats. Author could also write update, but keep it private (not publishing it to the public yet).
  • News feed, for the author to inform there’s an update. Automatic is fine too, but I’d also like to see the authors had the option to tell their readers when they’ve finished the latest update, especially for those editing online.
  • Bookmark tool, for readers to know where they last read the story. Also for the writer, so they can mark from where the latest story starts.

Willingness to use if there exist: none.


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