That’s good bye dinner… the chilli is too strong

The menu is gone… not strange considering the current condition and also the price of that oil for example. But still, it surprised me a bit when coming. I visited the place probably half a year ago (the part I remember being close to Halloween IINM). After long, I guess I want to pay another visit, that’s probably the strongest reason. But the owner is not there today, unlike the past two visits.

Cast that aside, I also had some time to check some stuff at the neighbouring shopping centre, the wireless routers for the house next door. Still cost much for me, somewhere around €35.8 each. 1TB hard drive is the same, seems like the enclosure option is still more expensive, not to mention questionable quality? Maybe not that far though.

Another thing is netbook. They doesn’t sell Kohjinsha brand there, at least can’t find one. But seems like no matter how small it is, most netbook’s width won’t shrink any slimmer to afford the “usable keyboard size”.

Doesn’t find a that much thing to take picture of.

By the way, it rained. Well, it rained when I visited my mother too, the type of hard shower that ended quickly. The second one is when I’m about to go home. Thanks to that one, I can’t get back by bus, although it only rained half way. Except the unprepared raise in expense, not that it matters a lot. Besides, the weather forecast said it’ll probably back to the terrible summer days again next week. If the weather is nice for the whole next week, that’ll be great.


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