Short listing

How many peoples do you connect to actively? Compared to your address book, how much online, how much in real? In that respect, mine is very low, perhaps less that 10% of all contacts in my address book. In Facebook, the number is lower because I avoided befriending total stranger, or peoples that’s too close with me in real life.
But phone address book is different. It’s follow, or even hunting. Had a name card collection hobby (well, vCard, not paper card), saving the information into address book, then try to fill in the information as complete as possible.

These days, I saved those name cards in Live Peoples. It has almost all the field I’ll need (although the Live Messenger field still doesn’t accept non Hotmail/Live address) and being saved in the cloud, accessible everywhere internet is available. Even for feature phones, there’s a web interface, which although a lot slower than having the data stored locally, is still usable for rarely accessed contacts.

Having trouble with synchronizing my phone with the online store, I think this is a good time to start short listing my address book. As I mentioned before, I only interact directly with a small portion of my whole address book (phone call & sms), so lets start deleting.

  1. Peoples I know I won’t make phone call to, such as foreigners. Excluding peoples I’d casually send e-mail while on the go and web services (e.g: TwitPic).
  2. Peoples I won’t need to make phone call to, such as peoples I know and interact in online forums. Excluding peoples I need to call (e.g: peoples who get into community events organizing and contact persons).
  3. Peoples I don’t really know anymore. This means really old acquaintance who I’ve lost contact with.

I’m still leaving sellers and translators and colleagues in it. But other than those, it’s not even 30 from 200+ peoples originally. I should get a life.


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