A Twitter forum ?

An interesting idea from a commenter in the article.

So they’re turning twitter into a global forum for everything in real time? Sounds pretty awesome. Just wait for the forum styled front ends to appear they should be brilliant.

Originally posted as a comment by Chris on Mashable – The Social Media Guide using Disqus.

It’s actually possible isn’t it ? The thing needed is a formal way to group the posts together to form a discussion threads, probably using hash tags.

The front end would just be a web based Twitter client, automatically entering a unique hash tag for each thread and keep a database to translate the random code into understandable title in the interface. Adding Twitter’s feature to “reply” and track which posts are replied, the forum could be flat and threaded.

Talking about possible, actually Hatena Haiku works as a cross between microblogging and forum. The architecture is different from Twitter though. In that site, it has “Title” field to specify the threads, and it has almost infinite text length, also supporting line breaks. That one has very low participant from outside Japan though.

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