Paste option

image One of the new features of Office 2010 is the paste option. This small menu will pop up most of the time if we pasted something to the document. The function is to help in deciding whether we want to paste a text with the same formatting as the source, or strip away all the styles. This remove the need to go to the Paste Special menu, it can even be accessed without having to move to the mouse.

The problem though, this option is activated using one of the most used non-alphabet key in the keyboard, Ctrl, which is also used to move cursor quickly between words. When doing quick typing, this could cause errors, which in worst case, left unnoticed.

imageIt’s not like the it doesn’t tell us where to remove that option if we find it useless or pulling our fingers when typing; but here it is anyway. From the option, choose Advanced. and then the Cut, copy and paste (second group). It’s the “Show Paste Options button”.

Much better. Too bad the team doesn’t give it a less used key for shortcut, such as… right Shift or Ctrl button (after half-breaking my PC keyboard, I’ve just realized I almost never used the right side Shift and Ctrl.

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