Starting presence

After a while, I managed to persuade colleagues from the marketing department to create Twitter account for the company. Several crew, such as comic magazine’s, had a presence already. So, the marketing department created not only one, but two accounts at @komikelex and @elexmedia. That completes the list of the company’s earlier internet presence.

There’s also GoodReads account in there somewhere.

I doesn’t follow all of them, but the strategy as I asked is a facepalm. The main media is the forum (SMF, need registration) and the other presences’ main purpose is to pull traffic to the forum. The other part of the strategy that annoys me is… the service I don’t like the most in the internet in relationship with SMB (short message broadcast, not small-medium business), and the sort. What’s the point in following all of the media, if they only spits out the same old record over and over again in all channels ? Besides, seeing such mass broadcast through that service, if I’m a follower in Twitter, I’d really doubt if the staff would be listening, or even watch their stream, or check their followers.

The content of the broadcast is no different than the multiply/blog either. It’s routine post of brochure-class press release, routinely that it really lost the meaning and interest in my opinion. When broadcasted through media like Twitter… really, as a follower, it’ll just like the flooder user who posted dozens of updates at once, burying everyone else’s updates; instead of just posting the important points. After all, if everything’s important, nothing’s important right ?
Thankfully seems like they’ve starting to tone down the self-centred advertisement tweets.

From the inside, editors are getting invited to participate. Well, for most, it’s just troublesome. The office’s internet is terrible, deadline is tight, and it’s not even in our job description (means we don’t get any gratitude from the company for doing it), worst case it’ll make the higher ups think we’re wasting time in the internet. Public relation job seems to be added into the marketing division’s jobs. Then, a theory from colleague. The aggressiveness of building internet presence might relate with internal scoring system. Anyway, that’s the internal talk.

I do got invited to the company’s CoTweet account, but only for the company’s. I’ve asked several times for the comic account to be added but the response are slow. Should I just go upstairs and borrow the computer to set it up ? *sigh*


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