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LJ MessengerThe free (and paid) blog provider LiveJournal has rolled out an update on July 29th. One of this updates includes a new LJ Messenger, which is an implementation of Web Messenger (don’t know if it uses the same code as Messenger Web Bar or not). The

Previously LiveJournal also have feature called LJ Talk, which is an XMPP chat server. Friends in LiveJournal immediately  become friends in the chat’s contact list too. Also because it’s XMPP, it can also be used to talk to Google’s GTalk  (and that’s probably the only way I ever used it because I don’t want to draft to the G).

To setup this Messenger, visit the Extension page in the Account setting in LiveJournal. Users without Live ID will be offered to create a new account, while users who already have an account will be able to link their accounts.

PS: there’s also LiveJournal web activities in Windows Live Profile to bring your updates in LJ to our Profile or our friends’ What’s New Feed.


Then in the spirit of bringing your networks together, I actually hoped that in the cooperation, LJ (and other partners actually) could provide suggestion for contact from my other networks who already have Live ID. Currently the suggestions are something like:

John Doe
by Windows Live
Add | Ignore

Maybe it can advance into

John Doe
by Windows Live, LiveJournal
Add | Ignore

We can have even more suggestion from wider range.

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