Gathering ForumPonsel 2009

P1000763 ForumPonsel gathering today @ Pronto restaurant Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta.
A short description, it’s a forum and community for gadget fans, especially mobile phones, in Indonesia.

I went there after going to screening of Aliens in the Attic. Tight schedule, but arrived there just on time. Actually, there’s another event I want to go to, a cosplay event in Kinokuniya. But the time is the same, and I’ve already paid for this event, so there I goes.

In short, it’s fun, really. Although I’m mostly a lurker there, I can still listen and engage a little with them one by one. Personally, I’m slow at registering name and face, so I still didn’t remember who I’m talking with.
In (weak) relation with that, I didn’t remember the person sitting next to me in the bus leaving, although I’m sitting next to the alley and he had to go through me to get out. Might just be too tired and sleepy, so it’s not anything horror.

That picture up there is part of the collection bought by members. As can be seen, most are Blackberry and Nokia devices, all unlocked of course (well, maybe not the BlackBerries). Someone even have the leaf-shaped Nokia device already discontinued for years.


Finally, here’s the group photo. This is one row, there’s another row to the left and right. According to the guest book, we probably have 50+ peoples in this gathering, and all’s happy! Of course, there’s also the mood maker who act as our MC.

The quiz session asked some forum related question with concert ticket (valid until this midnight). The session by person from the Indonesian Opera user group is race to open the forum’s mobile site. Another one is race to post a one word reply to the forum. The last event, door prize, give two unit of cell phone.

After that, more eat and talk and socializing among members. Anyway, fun event, will be waiting for the next year’s too.

For more pictures, check here:


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