I heard that teen had weird sleeping pattern. They stay awake until late at night, and sleep until much later.

My sleep pattern is… like comfortable seasons of the year.

  • January (0-1): sleep
  • February (2-3): sleep
  • March (4-5): awaking, still rather sleepy
  • April (6-7): a bit sleepy
  • May (8-9): normal
  • June (10-11): getting sleepy
  • July (12-13): afternoon hibernation
  • August (14-15): getting better
  • September (16-17): concentrate
  • October (18-19): somehow, enjoy
  • November (20-21): late, but enjoy
  • December (22-23): where the fun starts, although it ends quickly

Of course, not the yearly pattern of tropical zone where half year of rain is concentrated in 2-3 months. For those who actually experienced what it means of taking the best and worst of four seasons, forgive my stereotype-based interpretation (^-^;)


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