There’s two

Intriguing matters for me recently. First is a lot more personal. Without warning, I received from the IT manager a cocktail of internet filter including messenger and several websites. Well, luckily it doesn’t block Windows Live, FaceFeed nor Facebook connect. Most other sites left untouched.

Photo_081409_002 Second is something more national. The government announced new money in Indonesia, 2’000 bill. In the same time, the old 1’000 bill will be phased out. The problem is, both are supposedly low nominal money (1’000 is the smallest nomination of paper bill here) and I’ve never ever seen 2’000 bill in circulation. In the other hand, 1’000 bill destined to be phased out is… getting close to their limit.

The photo over there is sample of a 1000 Rupiah bill. From scale 1 to 5, it’s around 2-3 (1 is worst and 5 is mint condition).

There are small cracks on the paper too, and money getting fixed with tape might become more common. Getting new bills are most likely impossible, because few months before when I want to change my money (ATM machines gives only 50k or 100k bill), the bank already doesn’t have the 1’000 bill.

Anyway, I just hope they would soon give that 2’000 bill to the peoples. It’s one of the essential thing in our daily life.

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