Kept getting gateway error

There’s problem with the provider, it seems. Been for several weeks now that when I want to access Facebook or Japanese websites, the proxy or gateway server will just return error screen. Overloaded perhaps, browsing using Wi-Fi from my bedroom hasn’t work well either.

Back to the daily life. Ever since that flood of returned translation result, my daily life has been filled with some sort of routinity more than ever. Had to clean up those by the end of this month, really. Not to mention is the stack of proofs yet to be finished. *sigh* But it’s not just the Islamic new year’s holiday season that’s come of great concern (because there will be shipment shut down due to the higher priority of traffic for peoples going back to their hometown).

Yesterday, the manager already asked us to list the titles we had for next year, which is admittedly not much. But the higher ups in the management seems to only care for a thing. Raise the target, more income, please the executives and share holders. The G.I.? Well, it’s our jobs to think of a way for that expectation even if it means selling soul to the devil as long as we don’t drag them down together. :P

But let’s talk about something more cheerful… holiday season… not.

Just like the Easter, for one month the Muslim will begin fasting. I don’t know about in other countries such as the west, but in Indonesia they use the to-the-words rule of observing the moon phase. Because there are several prominent groups here, we could have debate about who’s version of the 1st of Ramadhan is right. I heard in Arabia and Turkey they already do it by calculation.

Second thing is… the change of behaviour. while the sun is on the sky, there’s no eating or drinking. Other than that, eat all you can. Sunset is… coincidentally, near the time peoples will be getting home. With hungry and thirsty body and soul, more than ever everybody rush back home, filling the street with cars. Not to mention peoples dining out. Being hungry, there will be peoples who would disregard traffic rule or bear to wait for even a second.
Other part of this is… usually it’s three mostly balanced meals a day. But now, it’s feast after sunset. The stockpiling or high demand for food supply caused a rise on the price. Let’s not get to the I-day yet, added with the distribution shutdown, scarcity became worst and price will go up.

Third thing is the local tradition of going back to hometown to ask for forgiveness (most of the time for something both party don’t even remember anymore ?). This rush of traffic back to the rural area usually caused traffic jam dozens of kilometres, if not hundreds, along the major inter regional street like the Java north shore course. This year, I heard from the managers of the printing and marketing division, that expedition and distribution will be closed for a week before and after the day. This is to cope with the traffic load. No distribution could mean each cities must survive with it’s own supply of goods.

I’m not sure on how true that is, but really, it affects a lot of peoples, including those who only consider it as a No-Work-Day rather than Holy day.

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