Smoke, but no fire

This morning, I woke up with my clock pointing right on 4.44, one number less from having it perfect dead x dead. Taking the bad omen, I don’t bring my notebook to work despite the cocktail of internet filter imposed on me. Well, this one day, besides, working on two screens is not that easy thing to do.

But seems like the surprise is different.

Sometime around 8-9, smoke starts to come out from the air conditioning system. Soon, everyone evacuate the building in an orderly fashion and leaving the computer on. Something that bring up our complaint is that there’s no fire alarm, no smoke alarm (despite visible smoke in the room) and not even emergency broadcast telling the employees to evacuate.

It’s probably the air conditioner. The ventilation belch out black smoke out. Then, asking security staff, they said that the emergency generator chamber located underground is flooded. The wall breaks in the water tank buried under the parking area and flow into the generator room, thus all this mess.

But because there’s no big fire, they only need to drain the water and then all’s fine. Open the window for a while, let the smoke out, and back to work.


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