Reference search

Bing-sem1Peoples who likes exploring Bing’s hotspots should’ve notices a new type of search from the hotspot. In addition to Web search, image search, video search, map search, travel search. Reference search. The search result link starts with (but that link itself redirect to the homepage).

Bing-sem2 I’m interested in the Semantic result in the name. So far, it seems to be pulling information directly from one of the most favourite site which has semantic result to search engines, Wikipedia, featuring content and a floating outline box, but seems like not much else.

The feature itself is not new, just that it’s difficult to find. I tried searching some terms and can’t find any link to reference search at all.

But if you’re interested in using this Reference search feature, try using Powerset that’s acquired by Microsoft back then and feature integrated to Bing. The Powerset result has different layout and more bell-and-whistles compared to the result it returned to Bing. But it also has link to Bing’s reference search (which is just compared to the usual result).

Windows Live Tags: clubhouse, Bing, story, reference search


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