Quake, not like Doom, not even FPS

As far as my memories goes, there’s no fatal quake in Jakarta. The largest damage I’ve ever heard is just cracks in the wall, once. Even so, we still enjoy evacuating the buildings. In shopping centres, this could be a nightmare for the shop owners isn’t it. Imagine, peoples grabbing things and grabbing the chance to get out with the commotion even though they know there couldn’t be any large scale disaster.

Today, in the middle of heated meeting to discuss the upcoming publishing schedule, things starts shaking. Standing on the 3rd floor, the shaking can be felt. We then evacuate the building, no panic. Shortly after, the meeting continue with talk about how if the printing company said there won’t be last week delivery then there will be local quake in the room (epicentre: the sales manager).

This month is troublesome. We had the Ied, where many Indonesian have the tradition of going back to their hometown to meet with their relatives. The homecoming is in such a large scale that it congested all inter-province highway out of the major cities such as Jakarta capital area. So congested, seems like the government declared, except the nine prime commodities, there will be no logistic shipment for a week before and after the Ied. Book’s not included in prime commodities of course. That’s why we’re in tight schedule.

From various news sources, the epicentre of the quake is 30 km under the sea, southeast of the town of Tasikmalaya. At 7.8 Richter scale, it’s quite big. A mosque in that city’s downtown is ruined.


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