Getting one

Arguably, the best thing about the Centro is its price. In the states, with subsidized by operator it would cost USD99 only. In other countries like Indonesia, the device is sold in unlocked version.

But Palm OS is not updated for long time, contributing to its retro UI. Windows Mobile become more popular, and then Blackberry and then the whole touch screen device hype. As something that doesn’t sell well, common sense ruled it’s a bad idea to keep stock. Getting Palm device such as the Centro is difficult.

In Indonesia, the price of a new unit could went close to USD 300. But if you’re not having any problem with second hand unit, you could find it in online forum for example. The price floats around 1.7~1.9 million Indonesian Rupiah, just haggle with the others. I got mine with Rp. 1.75 million, which is still a bit expensive for the condition.

A thing to be remembered though. As second hand device, the outer appearance might be smooth (there’s many peoples keeping their device smooth as new to get better resell value), but the battery is used. I’m a light user, but the battery drains quite quickly. If you’re a heavy user, it’s a good idea to start looking for replacement battery also.


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