Japanese IME

After Sony quits making Clie, there’s no Palm device with first party Japanese capability. That country is quite a closed market anyway, so it seems that companies just assume no need to cater the need of minority using it abroad.

There are several solution in Japanizing your Centro. Most of this are paid solution, such as JapOn and J-OS.

Both cost a hefty price tag, so I look for cheaper solution. If you have Hong Kong device, or those marketed for Asia Pacific, the Centro is shipped with preference panel application called CJK-OS.

The application is made for the large population of Chinese though, so Japanese is not so well supported. It supports Shift-JIS and EUC encoding. But sadly, Unicode is not one of the encodings supported so website in Unicode will still looks like a mess.

To input Japanese text, it’s better to use other programs. The one I use is called POBox FEP. It’s a preference panel application that creates pop-up box while typing to select the Japanese text to be entered.

The problem I encounter here though. I forgot which version I got (download from office and delete the file) and when I re-download it to install after doing device reset, I can’t send Japanese text in SMS anymore.

Typing in other applications such as Mail or Memo still works.

Probably version, or other problem I didn’t realize yet. Anyone know the solution for this


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