Notebook bag

I paid my utmost respect to notebook bag makers, they respect better credit than I’ve given all these time.

My notebook is a HP TouchSmart Tx2. My bag is a vertical messenger bag from local manufacturer.

Today when I’m just a few hundred metres from home and is crossing the street, a motorbike almost had me. As the rule of engagement in street here, they act angered first as for not being blamed. Well, my bag flies in a parabolic trajectory, probably 1.5 metres high and landed on concrete centimetres from passing car wheel approx. two metres from the place I’m standing on.

In panic, I quickly opened up the bag as soon as I got back home. Amazingly, no crack. The worst thing is the hard drive hatch is opened a bit, which I could manage to forcefully push back without screwdriver and avoid voiding the warrantee seal. Windows loaded fine so far and there’s no voice of anything broken inside. The touch screen also works fine, active nor passive.

Thank God.


2 thoughts on “Notebook bag

  1. Err… it’s not really that bad. The motorbike doesn’t go right at me, more like passing right in front of me and sent my bag flying. It’s not likely to cause major injury. Besides, had insurance which will probably help. But I spent a lot of my saving for the notebook, and there’s no insurance (the claim will likely be rejected too), so can’t say never mind to it.


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