Palm Gate

Continuing my previous problem about Japanese input. CJK OS that’s installed on Hong Kong version of Centro doesn’t translate Japanese well, especially in Blazer. So, what should you do to view sites written in Japanese and uses the more common UTF encoding ?

A solution is to use Palm Gate. It’s a sort of proxy site that will change the encoding into something readable like Shift-JIS or EUC-JP.

I haven’t tried the site thoroughly, but here’s some additional features from the site other than changing the encoding. Some I don’t really understand so lets pass those.

  • Split large site into several mobile view.
  • RSS reader.
  • English Japanese translation using Excite Japan’s service.
  • Social bookmark using Hatena or
  • Site thumbnail (128 × 128 pixel, probably not so useful, the site says).
  • Shortcut key to go up and down quickly. But I find it remove the site’s built in shortcut.
  • Exit PalmGate and open the site directly.
  • Uses Gmail.
  • Play Net Radio & Youtube video (uses Kinoma player plug in).

But be warned, the site is a mobile proxy site, like the one used by search engine to produce mobile friendly websites. This means everything you enter there will go through the server. I tried opening Twitter and it sent my password through GET (yes, URL parameter with no encryption). The site also say, never ever put sensitive information like credit card because they wont assume responsibility.

Another warning is that the site has session timeout at minimum of 30 minutes. So when composing something long, finish it in half an hour or say good bye to your 30 minutes of eye strain staring the screen and pecking the keys.


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