Facebook Lite and the cancer it made

For some users, the announcement of Facebook Lite might be a holy grail even more than Apple’s announcement. It’s something close to life, and free as beer. The thing is not the lighter interface it promised, but that this alternate interface push away those annoying applications. Yes, we want to know our friends, but we don’t care about their mafia game, or who they are according to zillions of quiz applications. We want to know about their snappy thoughts (status update, groups), interesting links, or their activities (events, photos) and interact with them. Those apps, as far as I know, are just like 97% of e-mail traffic.

Some basic science class now. Evolution is triggered by change in natural environment forcing organism to adapt or die. Events like the mass extinction weeds off most of the old player and introduced new face. When Facebook decide to change their layout design so that most apps are pushed back to the next tab instead of cluttering the first page, there’s joy. No more checking profile infested by dozens of useless applications they never cleaned.

But they evolve, as we know it, into application that spam the news feed as often as possible. These are quiz applications which grow in variant faster than any other computer virus.

Then Facebook Lite will eliminate those apps from feed, keeping only the basic functions like status message, links, photos, etc. I missed groups and pages, but can live with it as long as there’s no those pesky quizzes.

And as I commented in several places, how I’m so wrong. They evolve. First day Facebook Lite is launched, I had my feed already infested by something scarier. The applications are using the access they have to post generated picture into the Wall, then tag everybody in the contact list to spread itself. What a horror, it’s no longer a virus, it’s evolving into a Photo apps cancer.

I just hope Facebook will review and kill them off as soon as possible.


One thought on “Facebook Lite and the cancer it made

  1. Brilliant post Seika! I just wish you had put this in the Clubhouse as well. I too hate those applications, and the BBC did prove that anyone can write one, Facebook do not police them properly, and you can get loads of personal details. What amazes me is that users on Facebook never EVER stop to ask why a Game/Quiz etc, needs their all of their personal details AND their friends in order to work! If you use a game on your computer, it doesn’t need all of that information before you can play it?? I just wish someone would take Facebook to task about them.


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