Just a quick shopping

Rarely I went out on Sunday because tomorrow is work. Like I believe celebration starts by afternoon and ended in the afternoon, in Sunday, what’s left from weekend is just waiting for the next work day and work load. Anyway, I rarely went out for quick shopping on weekend too, always going around out of the house (not outdoor) probably until night.

P1010067 Yesterday I can’t find the book I need in the Plasa Indonesia Kinokuniya bookstore, so I decided today I’ll go to the other store to look for it. I also spent a lot yesterday so it’s best not to spend time too long and ending up using more money (for snacks).

The plan is simple, go, pick up the thing, back home. This is the fasting month in the country with largest Muslim population on Earth after all, so close to sunset all restaurant are full house. With that kind of majority market, it’s not easy to find religiously unclean restaurant that might offer more chance to sit down.

*points to the right*
The shopping bag content. The one I need is actually the rightmost. Can’t find the other title so I just pick up another title for reading. Got four star, but the ending doesn’t seem so.

Tips… when going home, it’s best to do it a while after the sunset, because most peoples would already be inside malls and restaurants to have dinner, or eating at the street side sellers. The street is relatively not so congested.


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