Ctrl+D in Internet Explorer to add the currently viewed page to the bookmark.

Back then when Netscape is still standing tall, I used the feature to bookmark sites so I can get there easily. Those are reference sites and regularly visited sites such as discussion forum. It’s really an indispensable feature of every browser, especially since not everybody had the money to buy easy to remember domain name.

Windows Live used to have part called Live Favourites that works to store that browser bookmark online and synchronize it with Internet Explorer in other computer. There are other 3rd party solutions predating that, and now we also have Opera browser’s Opera Link and Chrome had the bookmark synchronization feature soon.

Live Favourites is changed, merged with Skydrive and become a social bookmark service like Delicious or Digg. This way, we can share interesting links to our friends and the world to see and comment.

Frankly, first time I heard the term bookmarking site or social bookmark, I never grasp the concept. Bookmark that I know is keeping links so I don’t forget and can access is quickly. Because of the tree structure of desktop file, without searching feature, I tried putting value to pages and decide if it’s worthy to bookmark or not. Rather than article, I bookmark the main page because most of the sites are static with links I can quickly find back the article, unlike the hi-speed internet of nowadays.

Being that, seeing peoples who seem to bookmark (& broadcast) anything they see is… not so understandable. Not just using bookmark site, but also the currently more trendy Tweet & Retweet. As in typographical design tips, when the whole sentence is bolded, there’s no emphasize anymore.

Well, in this information super highway age… (wait, that term’s almost a decade old isn’t it?) where articles come and by quickly (yeah, Twitter) keeping them has its good side. For example, when writing articles and need those lot of reference links back (either for description or maybe arcane art of SEO) it’s easier to find from shortlist of bookmark rather than use search engine to find them back.

While at it, why not broadcast it to everyone?


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