Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

It’s one of the title where I had the special feeling when first reading it. Say… something like love at first sight. When I first got the shipment of Comic Alive magazine from Media Factory to the office, this is the title that caught my eyes (other than titles I already knew), 断裁分離のクライムエッジ by 緋鍵龍彦. By the way, fair warning that the author used to be 18+ oriented comic artist so some of the links are not work safe.

Even so, this title is almost safe for work, most of the times. As per Comic Alive magazine 2009-10, the story has just reached part 5 and no information of single volume version yet. The raw scan is also available somewhere, but apparently nobody translate it more than chapter 1.

Haimura Kiri is a boy with a problem. He had a liking to cut hairs, which turns into obsession. One day, he went to a mansion in the middle of the forest, rumoured to be haunted by ghost of a girl with long and beautiful hair. Half of it is true, because there’s no ghost, just a girl. Kiri fell in love instantly with her hair and want to cut it.
Mushanokouji Iwai is the girl. She stayed in the mansion after her parents deceased. She’s cursed with the “uncutable hair” so she had never ever cut her hair, not even once, because nothing can. This curse is also the reason she quit school as the other students bullied her.

But there’s more behind both of them. Iwai’s ancestor is known as the “hair queen”, passing down that curse to her descendant. Kiri’s obsession is not simply some mental problem, he also had his share of family curse. His ancestor is a legendary serial killer known to have more than 200 victims he cut to pieces using pair of scissors with rough edges.

According to Iwai’s story, great serial killers left curse on their tools, the killing goods. Those tools can’t be destroyed, only passed down to the next generation. Each time, it became stronger, more destructive, more lethal, but worst of all, it brings the ecstasy of killing to their owners, making them turning into serial killers themselves. Kiri does had a hair shear he inherited, something he forgot to try on Iwai’s hair. Combined, maybe they can work out on something.

They’re not free from their curse, but they find a way to fill each others, and ward of the rest of the killers participating in the game (whoever killed the hair queen will get their wish granted).

I think, the first reason that made me interested is, I naturally loves mouthful terms like the title, and the promise of more such name coming up. Then, the relationship between both characters of course. No violent action, both know they liked each others and tried to show it in innocent and clumsy emotions. Anyway, like my opinion about many series, first episode ends beautifully, let’s hope it doesn’t get too long and too complicated.


One thought on “Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

  1. Wow Seika! Sounds like a lovely story. Do you intend to keep us all posted on the story and each episode? I would certainly like that.


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