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Uploading a file to try the Office Web Apps technical preview. Since Word is not available yet, I tried the second most used Office apps, Excel.

I tried making a list of the Web activities feed partners recently added (and those not yet active).

The focus is blogging here. Does web activities bring more social networking and the instant sharing that harms blogging activities? For Live Space, maybe yes.

But admitedly, Live Space need to refactor and clean up the display codes to show things up faster. Like my old argument that my friends only check my Live Space from RSS reader and doesn’t comment because it’s too heavy to open (not yet including the numerous verification redirects), and needed logging in to Windows Live ID to comment (again, Yahoo Messenger is the dominant IM in my social circle).
The layout argument is there too, why limit the expression by only adding gadgets but doesn’t have control on the shape (layout). But let that alone since there’s other blogging sites with such layout limitation too.

back to topic. How much feed partners have blogging activities included? In the official category list, it’s 8 partners or 10.81%, not as much as the 39.19% social networking partners. But look more closely, other partners also had blogging in their activities. Fotolog and MetroFlog for example, are photoblogging site, post picture and tell story behind it. Tabelog, other than reviewing restaurants, had spot for diary (gastronomic diary, I suppose). Social networking sites like Friendster or Facebook also had place to write down thoughts. I hasn’t even checked video sites that could be used for video blogging.

In that incomplete check, feed partners that can be used for blogging goes to more than 20%, not bad actually.

Windows Live Tags: clubhouse, story, Profile, web activities


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