Music on old battery

Time: 06.17 – 06.56 (39 minutes)

Charge: 99% – 86% (13%)

Because battery meter usually counts in irregular speed, I’d leave the average numbering. But the reading is not that bad IMO. Previously I hesitated on using Pocket Tunes installed in my Centro because of the 2.5″ jack (don’t want to ruin it, hurts resale price a lot) and my weakening battery charge (after all, it’s a second hand unit).

Lets see how well it goes on my trip home (usually took longer time).

2.5″ to 3.5″ adapter plus a new earphone and I’m set. This week’s shopping list.

From the back home trip.
Charge: 76% – 69%
Time: 16.53 – 17.16


2 thoughts on “Music on old battery

  1. Hi Seika,

    This is my very first time on any blog anywhere! I need your help please! I’ve owned aPalm Centro for a couple of months now. However I can’t sync the dates application. I have tried dbfixit without success. I am semi-literate regarding downloading and such, but definitely not at the expert level. Is it possible to fix regarding this scenario? Also I would love to use botn the MS Excel and MS Word applications. Any advice on sync the documents? Thank you very much for any help. Regards, Ron

    • First for the calendar sync. Do you install any other application?
      Out of the box, the calendar application should synchronize with desktop using the HotSync application. Just connect the cable and push the button (if everything went fine, feel free to try several times if it failed).

      If you don’t have that much precious data to lose yet, tried hard reset ?

      For the Office document, I’m not sure about out of the box, but you can install Docs2Go (download from Dataviz’s site) and it will install desktop application too. When you perform HotSync, this application should synchronize the specified files with your desktop.

      Sorry if I’m not much of a help.


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