If Facebook is blocked

It’s not that I cared that much about the service in Facebook itself (other than probably looking for some translator who respond faster using Facebook message than e-mail). But there are other websites where I can’t do much without access to that biggest social networking sites. More active peoples would have longer list, but this is mine, list of sites I can’t use with the office blocking Facebook.

  • Brightkite. Login for this location based status service (like Twitter with geolocation before Twitter had the API for it).
  • Cnet news. Commenting, actually for the whole CNet.
  • Digg. Frankly, I’ve forgot my username/password combination there.
  • Mixx. News gathering and commenting service like NewsVine. Hope this one got added to web activities too. Had other login with OpenID though.
  • SocialMedian. Like the one above, although admittedly, I never used it.
  • Techcrunch. Commenting. I know there’s Twitter OAuth too, but I prefer the Facebook’s.

My short list as I remember, and not include other sites with Facebook Connect but no Disqus.

I really hope Windows Live could provide login service used by more 3rd party sites. But remembering that even Google’s friend connect is behind Facebook connect, let’s not put our hope too high here :D


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