Egoistical number

Second part of the rant.

There’s an egoistical cell-phone users behaviour around me that I saw a lot. Usually it’s not from tech or modern social butterflies that uses communications for their activities daily. In my case, it’s circle of housewives and age group that are used to old communication (landline) or using mobile phone only to manage their business. This egoistical attitude is “want to call but don’t want to be called”. They had phone, but only to call others such as sending command to their shop staffs for example or asking why the other friends are so late.

Calling back is another thing though. They could keep their phone in silent in bag and don’t pay attention at all. This means, don’t expect the call will be answered, they don’t know and don’t care.

In my opinion, it’s a totally egoistical attitude. Why have a phone at all?


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