Sharing e-mail

A small lesson from today (not my experience), although sounding very obvious.

When you share e-mail address in public in expectation of having e-mail correspondence with your readers, and strictly e-mail correspondence, then avoid using Live, Yahoo, GMail address and such that also have instant messaging support.

Work correspondence using work e-mail address. While personal mail with IM is, god forbid, not to be considered in my opinion, except when you’re ready to had risk of getting more peoples bugging you after reading articles you wrote. It’s these unsolicited messages, without ethics and just keep bugging peoples, that starts to feel like annoyance.

Option -> Privacy The last option is of course, like handling stalkers, move away. Create a new account and ditch the old one as spam-bait account. Like changing phone carrier in countries not so fortunate to have number portability, involves the hassle of informing everyone important about you moving.

But if you’re not ready for that, there’s white listing solution. First, to Messenger’s menu, then Tools –> Option
On the option menu, select Privacy.

First, select the “Only peoples in my Allow List can see my status and send me messages”. This should automatically move “All others” into the block list so they can’t chat with you until you add them.

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