People aggregator

Quoting ReadWriteWeb

Lifestreaming apps generally fall into two categories: those that help you keep track of and display your own lifestream and those that help you keep track of your friend’s lifestreams (or both). For the sake of clarity, we’ve focused mainly on the former for this list.

Sadly for me, the article focus on the first group.

As someone who doesn’t have high authority, the most of my interest is always the second type, to gather contents from other sites. This is the main reason I stick with FriendFeed despite the pessimistic future it has after being drained by Facebook. It has feature that’s relevant to my need of gathering content, and less of the part I hate the most (invites).

Today, I found a service that might be the one I’m looking for. Spokeo. The service take data from address book, then search to list of online services to check for the account. But two major drawback that drag it down harshly from like to let’s-forget-it.

  • No way to manually add persons. It’s always full access to the whole address book regardless of relevancy.
  • Paid service, with a lot of features crippled out. Maybe there’s manual adding available for premium, but I’m out.

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