Any idea for new phone?

The sorry state of things as confirmed by PalmInfoCenter:

By now, Asia-Pacific Palm fans will have heard the sad news that we won’t be receiving the Palm Pre anytime soon, as confirmed by intrepid investigator Jason Lingohr and reported by PreCentral yesterday.

Asia Pacific region would be left out by Palm because they have no money to sell and support it here. Just as what’s feared, or maybe worse. So, maybe they’re happy enough with the exclusive deal with operators back in the western world, after all, the carriers can’t just return unsold goods to their manufacturers right? Someone will buy from them in bulk and money comes in without waiting for each and every customers buying it from the store?

By the way, Windows Mobile’s homepage for Indonesian sub is also a poor adaptation of the US site. The search feature doesn’t search by brand, but by carrier. In contrast, I think there’s only one carrier giving contract (yet charging full price) and it’s only for iPhone and HTC Hero so far. Others are sold unlocked, yet the site doesn’t give us option to search for it.

Because it won’t make it for my deadline (early 2010), I’m starting to contemplate on having another OS for replacement of my phone. First criteria: I’m not shelling out money for the overpriced iPhone (USD 750 with contract in Indonesia) and I’m still not putting my data in sacrificial altar to Google. That leaves small range of choice.

Windows Mobile choice… is not so preferred. The thing a consumer would like after deciding which device to purchase (that is considering quality and requirements) would be the product lifespan. Until now, and maybe until Windows Mobile 7, consumers are at the mercy of the carrier and manufacturers to provide OS update to their device, just like Apple’s computer. How sad is that. Windows Mobile 7 would be released next year, how much of today’s Windows Mobile 6.5 device would be upgradable? The touch screen would follow the trend to capacitive screen anyway right?


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