Dangerously a nice melody

If just my stomach is not in a bad condition back then, I’ll still be watching movie in the theatre right now.

But this is not about the movie, but the trip. I’m going to Melawai area, a place in Jakarta that seems to have enough Japanese population to sustain specialty shop and justify in-store signs written mainly in Japanese. Had several nice shots too, although I missed one at the bus terminal because I have to catch the bus.

Somewhere in the middle of the route to the shopping mall (going to the cinema), a loud noise can be heard in the bus. According to the bus crew, one of the back wheel is busted, and the metal is making noise. Luckily, each side of the back wheel consist of two, so it can still go, somehow. And with each spin, there’s sound of the metal brushing together making noise vaguely alike with harmonica, only shorter vibration and in my opinion, better than a harmonica. If not thinking that it could cause an accident, the music is actually nice to listen to.

Too bad, I’m urgently needing to go to the toilet and it’s dark, so I didn’t manage to take a picture of the wheel (probably the inner wheel of the pair, difficult to see from outside.

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