Windows 7 Indonesian late launch

For us the common folks (come on, journalists are above common people, just see what happened if they died in incident or got held as hostages, all news make a bigger fuss of it), Windows 7 will have grand launching too. It’s stated on 6–8 of November 2009 in Pondok Indah (the other side of the capital for me). The fun event (read: with significant persons) would most likely be on 6th, the first day and also Friday, so the place wont be clogged with the other mall visitors.

Maybe if I’ve done most of my jobs, I’ll take a day off to come to the event.

The other launch in Indonesia would be on:

  • Mall Kelapa Gading: 13–15 November 2009.
  • Mall Taman Anggrek: 20–22 November 2009.
  • Senayan City: 27–29 November 2009.

All’s held in mid-to-high market shopping centre, so it’s easy to assume this would just be like any other company’s event in Indonesia that’s not invite only (press event): it’s sales, not marketing. Start selling and start making money :D

I’ll still most likely go there anyway. The date is the same as Indocomtech, but that event has been disappointing these late years. They participants only focus on the better selling notebook, unlike how they used to have big booths that sell motherboards and graphic cards for example. Stage for companies like MSI, Asus, Acer, all’s filled with notebook only, no variation at all. I guess, that’s how they do things now, just focus on the strong and proven product that will most likely bring money and not making any efforts to help the weaker products.


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